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Privacy Policy

PICKGRO is not responsible for any material posted on this social networking site and does not guarantee the content, accuracy and content of this site. PICKGRO does not endorse or endorse any persons, products or services that may be discussed on this site. In particular, PICKGRO accepts no liability for damages resulting from publication of this website. PICKGRO takes no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on this forum, and such views do not necessarily reflect the policies of PICKGRO. In any case, PICKGRO will be liable to you or anyone else for any decision or action taken by you in reliance on the information on this website.

Subject to the above points, the following terms of use for this website apply to PICKGRO:

You must be at least 18 years old to interact with content on a PICKGRO social media site.

As a guest posting content on a PICKGRO social media site on the Internet, you agree that you do not:

Laws violate and local, state, federal, and international regulations, including but not limited to, copyright and intellectual property laws that you send or receive through this policy;

Transfer any material (loading, posting, email or otherwise) that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, profane, offensive, harassing, embarrassing, tortuous, libelous, obscene, defamatory, or a violation of another person's privacy, hateful or racially ethnically or otherwise offensive, as this is entirely at the discretion of PICKGRO;

pretends to be a person or an entity, or falsely identifies or misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity; does not transfer any material (by uploading, posting, e-mail or otherwise) under any law or under contract or trusteeship; Transfer any material (uploading, posting, emailing, or otherwise) that infringes a party's patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or other proprietary rights;

transmit (by uploading, posting, e-mail or otherwise) unsolicited or unauthorized (including advertising services or products not PICKGRO), promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters" "Ponzi schemes" or any other Form of application;

transmit any material (upload, send, e-mail or otherwise), interrupt the software viruses, worms, code disability insurance or any other malicious computer code, files or programs or restrict the functionality of computer software or hardware or Telecommunications equipment, harass or collect or store, or attempt to collect or store personal information about third parties without their knowledge or consent or to use confidential pricing information from anywhere.

By publishing content on any  social media site,  has the irrevocable right to reproduce, distribute, publish and display such content and the right to derivative works of their content, to edit or modify the content and use that content for every purpose of  whatsapp group join.

You expressly acknowledge that you accept all responsibility for the security, privacy and confidentiality risks associated with sending content over the Internet. whatsapp group join does not control any third party websites or the Internet over which you wish to send confidential or personal information. whatsapp group join therefore provides no express or implied warranty against interception or compromise with your information.

You may not post content on a whatsapp group join social media site containing any endorsements of any products or services.

whatsapp group join is a non-party organization. In pursuit of this policy, it may be unable to create content on any social media site of whatsapp group join, which could be construed as (a) lobbying for or against legislation or legislative proposal, (b) applying for contributions to anyone, entity or cause or (c) a statement in favor or against a political candidate for a public office. In addition, you can not go to any website candidates or political parties or use the social media site whatsapp group join to discuss political campaigns.

whatsapp group join policy is to strictly comply with all antitrust laws and to avoid any user of this site's activities, which may be construed as a violation of antitrust laws. Do not publish material that.

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